In the intricate world of legal and financial terminology, errors of interpretation can entail grave consequences. Incorrect expressions also reflect poorly on corporate image.

Qualified lawyers with practical experience of drafting the actual content of documents are able to decipher this professional jargon and differentiate between the subtleties, but it takes a linguistic expert to express the meaning correctly in a foreign language.

Reconciling these two aspects - substance on the one hand and language on the other - is the cornerstone of the philosophy of Lingua Juridica. 

The translations we produce not only express the words of the original text in another language – they also echo the true meaning behind those words.

Because law and commerce are so intimately intertwined, we cater also for the needs of clients whose documents cannot be categorized as solely legal, financial or commercial texts, but that possess characteristics of all of the above.

The inspiration for the name and mission statement of Lingua Juridica stems from the concept of lingua franca – the notion of a common language that transcends jurisdictional boundaries and mitigates the inherent risks of international liaisons.